Mark Solborg
born 24.08.1972

Guitarist, composer & teacher.

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I strive to create contemporary music that require presence,  and in different ways – with respect – challenges tradition, listener and musician. Music where the sum of the collective efforts is greater than the individual performance. A personal and unpolished approach is a key ambition.

I have since 2000 as composer, leader or co-leader released 19 albums with original works. Besides that a substantial amount of music for plays and film. Awards, prizes and nominations include Danish Arts Agency, The Spanish Cultural Ministry, Danish Music Awards Jazz, CPH Dox, a.o. See reviews and info elsewhere on these pages.

From 2000 and onwards I have written and developed music for the groups and projects Mark Solborg – TUNGEMÅL, ON DOG (ITA/DK/LUX), Solborg/Skjødt – Omdrejninger  feat. Axel Dörner and Ingar Zach (DK/DE/NO), Herb Robertson/Mark Solborg duo (DK/US), Maniscalco/Bigoni/Solborg (DK/ITA), Solborg 4+4+1 feat. Chris Speed and Hank Roberts (DK/N/US), Mark Solborg & Simon Toldam Duo , Solborg/Dörner/Toldam/Yoshigaki (DK/DE/JP), Polyfonias (DK/E), moLd (DK/D), Mark Solborg Trio feat. Evan Parker & Herb Robertson (DK/UK/N/US), Solborg/Banke Duo, Mark Solborg 4, Short Story Compositions (Banke/Solborg duo with various poets. Jan Sonnergaard, Kristina Stolze,  Pia Juul, a.o), Hopscotch (ITA/DK/CAN),
Anderskov/Solborg Duo, poetry by Peter Wessel og Adda Djørup, Revolver (DK/N/L), Ventilator, a.o.. The music has been performed at venues and festivals in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Faroe Islands, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Wales, Ireland, France, Germany, UK, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Malta, Spain, Italy, Poland, Syria, USA, China, Brazil, Japan, a.o. by musicians from 15 different nations.

Memorable collaborations include Paul Lovens, Susana Santos Silva, Yasuhiro Yoshigaki, Axel Dörner, Ingar Zach (N)Christian Skjødt, Evan Parker at Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival (UK), Thomas Lehn, Michael Rexen, Jakob Kullberg, Jacob Anderskov, Lars Andreas Haug, Lotte Anker, Mats Eilertsen (N)Adam Pulz Melbye, Chris Speed (US)Francois Corneloup (F) at Jazz d’OrAndrew Drury (US),  Peter Knight (AU) at LAK festival, Ceci Quinteros (ARG), a.o.

As a sideman I have played in many bands and projects including Aarhus Jazz Orchestra, Embla, Copenhagen Art Ensemble, Almaz Yebio Group, Rosor och Tulpan (Qarin Wikström sings Evert Taube) and Signe Bisgaards large ensemble projects.

Interdisciplinary works & collaborations (selected)

2020 TUNGEMÅL vol. I + II – musical investigations + poetics and reflections  in writing and illustrations (books)
2020 Denmark/Deutschland 2020: Almut Kuhne, Bigoni, Solborg interprets Willumsen & Kirchner.  Willumsens Museum, Frederikssund + Goethe Institut Dänemark
2019 Sansaga – music for audio walks in collaboration with Rikke Houd and Bornholms Museum.
2017 Whiteout – Rum<o>fang. Performance w. original music and speech. spatial concept w. individual headsets w. Lisbeth Burian, Rikke Houd and Åsa Frankenberg at Husets Teater, Copenhagen
2014 Fremtid – Flyvende Grise. Director: Tue Biering Music for programmed industrial robots
2008-15 Peter Wessel Polyfonias – accompanied multilingual poetry w. Peter Wessel.
2009-11 Multiple concerts w. poet Adda Djøruo. Copenhagen Litteraturfestival a.o.
2007 København, Ramt af byen – Dance and spatial performance. E.K.K.O. (Choreographers)

2005 Solborg/Banke Duo: Short Story Compositions – Literaturhaus, Kbh. Series of accompanied short stories. w. Jan Sonnergaard, Pia Juul, Kristina Stolze, Adda Djørup, Merete Pryds Helle, a.o.
2005 Body Bio. Video, music & dance performance at Junge Hunde Festival
2002 Uffe ́s Sang, DR Radio Drama v. Tue Biering
2002 Guitarist at theatre-play LIV by Jon Fosse. Den Nationale Scene, Bergen, Norway
2001 IN-HOUSE dance performance w. Sissel Vera Petterson, Katja Berg and Serge Ricci.

Scores for theatre* and film** (selected)

2016 A red Carpet for Asta Nielsen – score for art-documentary by writer/artist Eva Tind **
2015 This Is Not The End Of The World – score for art-documentary by writer/artist Eva Tind **
2014 FremtidFlyvende Grise. Director: Tue Biering *
2013 S/H – Flyvende Grise. Director: Tue Biering *
2012 Habengut – Theatre for kids. Director: Lisbeth Burian *
2012 Mørke – Flyvende Grise. Director: Tue Biering *
2010 Hjemløs (Homeless) – Documentary. Director: Ditte Haarløv Johnsen **
2010 Alt på Hovedet – Odense Teater. Instruktør Petrea Søe *
2008 Søgning Venskab – Momentum Theatre. Director: Kamilla Bach Mortensen *
2007 Cruise – Teater Grob. Jacob Weiss, Kim Bodnia, Thomas Levin, a.o. *
2007 One Day – director: Ditte Haarløv Johnsen  **
2006 Painting my Secret – Director: Ditte Haarløv Johnsen  **
2006 Europa i Bronze – Teater Momentum, Odense. Director: Jens Boutrup. Author: Bo Larsen. * 2006 Mars – Flyvende Grise. Director: Tue Biering *
2005 Torsdag – director: Ditte Haarløv Johnsen   **
2004 Home – director: Ditte Haarløv Johnsen   **
2004 Kærlighed – Flyvende Grise. Director: Tue Biering *
2001 LIV (Jon Fosse) w. Trine Wiggen. Den Nationale Scene, Bergen, Norway *.
2001 Filth – Flyvende Grise. *
2000 Legen – Flyvende Grise. *
1999 Auschwitz – Flyvende Grise *

Collaboration, recording and performance with the following musicians (selected)

Herb Robertson (US), Peter Knight (AU), Axel Dörner (D), Chris Speed (US), Evan Parker (UK), Hank Roberts (US), Mats Eilertsen (N), Francois Corneloup (F), Stephan Meinberg (D), Joachim Ambros (D), Marc Ducret (F), Marc Lohr (LU), Ceci Quinteros (ARG), Susana Santos Silva (PT), Mikko Innanen (FIN), Liudas Mockunas (LT), Andrew Drury (US), Chris Heenan (US), Henrik Walsdorf (D), Anders Banke, Bjørn Heebøll, Simon Toldam, Beppe Scardino (ITA), Piero Bittolo Bon (ITA), Dan Peter Sundland (N), Emanuele Maniscalco (ITA), Francesco Bigoni (ITA), Marilyn Mazur, Jacob Anderskov, Peter Bruun, Signe Bisgaard, Kresten Osgood, Nils Bo Davidsen, Torben Snekkestad (N), Gunnar Halle (N), Lotte Anker, Jakob Kullberg, Paal Nilsen Love (N), Thommy Anderson, Jørgen Teller, Christian Skjødt, Maria Laurette Friis, Sture Ericsson, Jonas Westergaard, Nicolai Munch- Hansen, Kevin Brow (CAN), Yasuhiro Yoshigaki (JP), Thomas Lehn (DE), Paul Lovens (DE).

Commissioned works (selected)

Commissions (* supported by the Danish Arts Foundation) include scored works for Eva Tind, Wundergrund Festival/G((o))ng Tomorrow, CinemateketNordjysk Sinfonietta, various string and chamber-ensembles, Polyfonias, a.o. :

2019 Score for audio walk at the “Sorte Muld” excavations, Bornholm in collaborations with Sansaga, Rikke Houd and Bornholms Museum.
2017 Contemporary scores for silent movies at Cinemateket*
2016 Whiteout – Rum<o>fang. Performance w. original music and speech. spatial concept w. individual headsets *
2016 A red Carpet for Asta Nielsen – score for art-documentary by writer/artist Eva Tind *
2015 Peter Wessel Polyfonias: DELTA – music and multilingual spoken word *
2014 Omdrejninger – Wundergrund 2014 (Special-ensemble, feat. Dörner, Kullberg, Skjødt, m.fl.) *
2011 Nordjysk Sinfonietta (classical decet) *
2009-10 Short Story Compositions (Banke/Solborg duo feat. forskellige skribenter. Bl.a. Jan Sonnergaard, Kristina Stolze og Pia Juul). Literaturhaus, Copenhagen. *Supported by Danish Arts Foundation

Selected scores for theatre & dance: All performances by  Flyvende Grise (Incl. Historien Om Alt –  Reumert-award 2010), misc. plays at Teater MomentumCaféteateret, Bergen Nationalscene, DR Radio Drama, E.K.K.O. o.a.

Teaching experience and lectures (selected)

2022 Lecture for the soloist line at Det Syddanske Musikkonservatorium on the TUNGEMÅL project, Idiomatic instrumental langaguage developement, etc.
2016-17 Stumfilmsmusik (Silent Movie Music) – lecture/artist talk in connection with misc. performances on how to/I approach playing to silent movies
2017 Lyt Til Lyden (Listen to the sound) – A lecture on how to approach the more abstract listening experience. Albertslund Library
2015 MGK Sjælland: Workshop w. Herb Robertson on open group improvisation.
2014 Torshavn MGK, Faroe Islands: Workshop w. Anders Banke and Bjørn Heebøll on open group improvisation. Classical and rhythmic students
2014 Improvisation i undervisningen – undervise i improvisation (Teaching Improvisation) – A lecture on how to improvise when teaching and how to teach your students improvisation

I have since 1999 been teaching at various schools and institutions as supervisor, censor and in the subjects guitar, ear-training, theory, composition, ensemble and artistic development (kunstnerisk udviklings arbejde).

2021-22 Det Jyske Musik Konservatorium, Aarhus:
Advanced Rhtythms. (Elective subject)
2011- Sankt Annæ MGK: Ear-training and theory + Individual project development.
2006-15 Rytmisk Musikkonservatorium. Guitar, ear training, ensemble, workshops, kunstnerisk udviklings arbejde (artistic development), lectures, censorship, etc.
2012- Køge MGK, censoring, a.o.
2010- Københavns MGK: Guitar, censoring.
2008- Musikhøjskolen/Frederiksberg MGK: Ear-training and theory. Ensemble. Ensemble and composition for songwriters.
2008-17 Ishøj MGK: Guitar, ensemble.
2003-10 Rytmisk Center, Intensive Musikkurser: Ear-training and theory
1999-02 Rytmisk Daghøjskole. Guitar, ensemble: ear-training and theory
1996-98+ 2000-03 Albertslund Musikskole, Copenhagen: Guitar, ensemble, ear-training and theory.

Currently associated with various pre academy-schools (MGK), including Sankt Annæ MGK-gymnasium., Royal Academy of Music, Aarhus and Rhythmic Music Conservatory, Copenhagen.

Awards, nominations and residencies* (selected)

2023-24 Danish Arts Foundation: Two year ensemble support.
2022 Danish Arts Foundation: Ensemble support.
2020-21 Danish Arts Foundation: Two year ensemble support.
2010 Hjemløs (Homeless) – Documentary. Director: Ditte Haarløv Johnsen. Nominated at CPH:DOX. 2010 Historien om Alt – Flyvende Grise. Receives the Danish theatre-award Reumert.
2000-2020 Danish Arts Foundation: Multiple working grants and ensemble support.
2010 Flyvende Grise: Company In Residence at Nørrebro Teater, Copenhagen 2011-14 *
2008 Polyfonias – w. multilingual poet Peter Wessel. Awarded by the Spanish Ministry of Culture.
2007 One Day – Documentary. Director: Ditte Haarløv Johnsen. Awarded 2 x Gulddocs at CPH:DOX2005 Annual talent development grant by Danish Arts Foundation.
2004 Fundación Valparaiso, Spain.* (1 month)
2004 Kærlighed by Flyvende Grise. Nominated to the Danish theatre-award Reumert. 2004 moLd, republic of.. awarded by Danish Arts Foundation.
2003 Danish Music Awards Jazz: Nominated as new name of the year.
2003 Danish Music Awards Jazz: moLd, republic of.. Nominated as surprise of the year


2016 Rhythmic Music Conservatory, Copenhagen, Denmark. Seminar: Introduction to the subject Kunstnerisk Udviklingsarbejde (artistic development) by Jacob Anderskov. Participates as a member of Sankt Annæ MGK staff.
2009 Vallekilde Summersession w. Hermeto Pascoal o.a.
2008 Vallekilde Summersession w. Per Jørgensen, Yussef Lateef, o.a.
2003 Vallekilde Summersession w. Thomas Stanko, Ray Anderson, Joey Baron o.a.
2002 Vallekilde Summersession w. Larry Grenadier, Geri Allen, Kurt Rosenwinkel o.a.
2001 Research: Varanasi, India w. Anders Banke and Gunnar Halle.
2001 Vallekilde Summersession w. Tim Berne, Egberto Gismonti, Randy Brecker og Joey Baron
1999-00 New School University, Jazz & Contemporary Music Program, New York, USA
1999 Vallekilde Summersession w. George Garzone, Roy Haynes, Nils Petter Molvær, Larry Goldings a.o.
1998 Study-trip to Brazil (RMC)
1996-02 Rhythmic Music Conservatory, Copenhagen, Denmark: ML, MD Diploma
1995-96 The Royal Danish Conservatory: AM
1989-91 Rødovre High School

Selected teachers: Morten Praem, Volkmar Zimmermann, Ture Larsen, Billy Cross, Mats Eilertsen; Marc Ducret, George Garzone, Jane Ira Bloom, Joanne Brackeen, Kurt Rosenwinkel, Vic Juris, Gary Dial, Lee Konitz, Hermeto Pascual, Per Jørgensen, Larry Grenadier, Tomasz Stanko, Bjarne Roupé, Jakob Fischer, Jan Sommer, Billy Cross, Mikkel Nordsø, Christian Ratzer, Henrik Sveidahl, Jesper Sveidahl, Tim Berne, Aske Jacobi, Hasse Poulsen, Henrik Frisk, Ben Monder, Larry Goldings, John Abercrombie, James Moody, Toninho Horta, Tavinho Moura, Robertinho Silva, Carsten Dahl, Peter Bernstein, Joey Baron, Ferus Mustafov, Pierre Dørge, Jason Moran, Thomas Solak, Phil Markowitch, Thomas Clausen, Richie Beirach, Ole Koch Hansen, a.o.

Initiatives, board participation and more (selected)

2016 Danish Jazz, Beat and Folk Authors – Member of the jury for working grants.
2015-16 Danish Jazz, Beat and Folk Authors – Member of the jury’s for festival support and innovation
2013-18 Danish Jazz, Beat and Folk Authors – Member of the Board
2006- ILK member of the executive committee, live committee, a.o.
2004-6 Dansk Jazzforbund (now JazzDanmark) – Member of the Board and misc. committees
2003 Initiates the music collective and record label ILK with fellow colleagues.

Other activities (selected)

2018-21 Curating “PULS” Concerts sponsored by Nordic Culture Fund. A collaboration w. ILK & BlowOut (Oslo)
2016-18 Curates a series of live performances to silent movies in collaboration with Cinemateket, Copenhagen
2016 Curates Topography Of The Lungs. A two day festival on Evan Parker and his work. Including performances with Alexander von Schlippenbach Trio, Evan Parker Solo, Lotte Anker and Torben Snekkestad, artist talk at The Rhythmic Conservatory Copenhagen, a.o.
2013-16 Participation at JazzAhead festival. Network and booking.
2002-17 Artwork for more than 50 internationally published albums incl. artists such as Django Bates, Lotte Anker, Jacob Davidsen, Pierre Dørge a.o.

Sponsors of working-grants, residencies and support for projects, ensembles and releases include:









William Demant Foundation

Wilhelm Hansen Foundation

Magister Jürgen Balzers Fond

Beckett Fonden

Fundacion Valparaiso 

The Royal Danish Embassies (Japan, Germany, France, Syriah, Italy…)

The Danish Cultural Institutes

Dansk Solist Forbund