Peter Wessel - Polyfonías: Polyfonias

Peter Wessel: Poetry, Reciting
Mark Solborg: Guitars, processing, compositions

Release date: 18.03.2008
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A few weeks after the publication of Polyfonías, the introductory poem on the CD, “Un idioma sin fronteras” (a language without borders), won the second prize in the international arts contest which the Spanish Ministry of Culture had organized to celebrate the European Year of Intercultural Debate. Since then we have presented Polyfonías” in eight European countries and performed at several major literature festivals, such as the *Cuírt International Festival of Literature** in Ireland, the Berlin PoesiefestivalPoetry on the Road in Bremen and Cph:Litt. in Denmark, in large part thanks to the collaboration of the Cervantes Institute.

This release was recorded, mixed and produced by Mark Solborg during a residency at Fundacion  Valparaiso,

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