Solborg/Skjødt – Omdrejninger


Omdrejninger is originally a commissioned piece by Christian Skjødt and MS.  Written and designed for the Wundergrund Festival 2014, in Copenhagen.

The short explanation: A handpicked ensemble, of highly individual musicians, playing original music and improvisations, processed into a specially designed patch and broadcast through a 4+2-way multi-speakersystem allowing spacial displacements and sonic enlargements. Everything designed specifically for the location. Inspired by the works of Cage, Kaija Saariaho, Maja Ratkje ,Cardiff and Miller a.o. the idea is to create what we call a spatial instrument constructed by ensemble and speakers. In this case we placed the band in the middle surrounded by the audience surrounded by the speakers. This way both musicians and audience share the same (intense) auditive perspective. The danish word Omdrejninger translates best into revolutions (as in r.p.m.), turns or rounds...

We just released a beautiful and dense audio/visual album. Available as a limited super deluxe double 180g vinyl album + visual renditions (video) + photo-poster, CD or digital version.

The album received these very kind words from Niels Overgård and " become one with the sound .. Communication-wise this is some of the most impressing I have seen in a long time from Danish artists ....
if you're into experimental and abstract music this album is no. 1. on your future shopping list"

Have a taste..

For the 2014 premiere at Koncertkirken in Copenhagen the ensemble consisted of:
Axel Dörner - Trumpet & Electronics
Michael Rexen - Voice
Jakob Kullberg - Cello
Bjørn Heebøll - Drums & Percussion
Christian Skjødt - Processing, Shortwave-radio, RC Oscillator
MS - Guitar, devices and conducting

The Copenhagen Jazzfestival 2015 edition lineup:
Axel Dörner - Trumpet & Electronics
Ingar Zach - Gran Cassa & Percussion
Christian Skjødt - Processing, Shortwave-radio, RC Oscillator
MS - Guitar, devices and conducting



...what a privilege. Both editions have been unique and beautiful experiences for both audience and musicians.
Danish Omlyd wrote:

“..en fornemmelse af, at det rum-instrument, som er blevet skabt i værket, har kræfterne til at tage af sted og lette med os alle. Selvom det måske ikke har været hensigten med værket at skabe en forbindelse til det overjordiske, så er der som lytter øjeblikke i det lydlige univers, som opleves transcenderende. Koncertkirken som rum har måske fået en ny funktion, hvor rummet ikke længere er formidler mellem mennesket og gud, men til det grænseudvindende og overskridende i musikalsk og lydmæssig forstand. I dette tilfælde faciliteret af en kombination af lyd, rum og teknologi.” - Laura Berivan Nilsson, Omlyd

Photos by Hanne Budtz-Jørgensen:

IMG_2032 IMG_2003 IMG_2085 IMG_1981 IMG_1961 IMG_1947 IMG_2010


New double album + visual renditions out May 2017.


At Copenhagen Jazzfestival 2015 with Axel Dörner and Incredible Norwegian percussionist Ingar Zach:

RFS_1038 RFS_1034

We're currently looking into further developments and future reappearances in various forms.

Omdrejninger 2014-17 is supported by Danish Arts FoundationDJBFA, The Danish Conductors Association, JazzDanmark, KODA a.o.


Catalog number: ILK267LP/CD
Release date: 26.5.2017