Older projects: Revolver

Liudas Mockunas - Reeds
Mark Solborg - Guitar & Electronics
Mats Eilertsen - Bass

Catalog number: Revolver_ILKq031CD
Release date: 07.03.2003
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Bass, Baritone & Backwards Guitar....
Big, acoutic sound mixed with electronics and resolved in melody.


REVOLVER is a constallation with Danish/Argentinian guitarist, Mark Solborg, Norwegian bass- player Mats Eilertsen and amazing Lithuanian multi reedman Liudas Mockunas. The band has performed at festivals and venues in Denmark, Norway and Lithuania.

The Music – that mixes jazz and improv with contemporary composing and a fair amount of humor is recorded live during the Copenhagen Jazz Festival i 2002.



”This is a bold combination, that gives each musicican lots of space, and it is strong and and beautiful Nordic improvised music of high class.”
-Dagsavisen, Norway

“Both Eilertsen, Mockunas and Solborg are instrumentalists of very high class and they all have lots of space in this landscape with improv and a special melodic content.. REVOLVER has something unique to offer and are very welcome.”
-Tor Hammerø , www.puls.no

"You immediately sense an intimate mood among the three very sensitive musicians and the interplay seems intense and in good form....The Music is very original - Beautiful, ugly, low key and immense. The future looks promising for this new constellation."
-Jazzspecial DK

 ” Get them to Norway as fast as possible !"
-Jan Granlie, Jazznytt, (Norway)