Fall 2021

TUNGEMÅL feat. Susana Santos Silva

November 18-21
Aarhus Jazz Orchestra and Teitur

September 29th-October 2nd
Maniscalco/Bigoni/Solborg UK Tour
Newcastle Jazzfest, Vortex a.o.
Postponed to 2022

September 3rd-5th


August 29th-31st
(Now Booking)

Copenhagen Jazzfestival

Juli 2.-11.

4th – Maniscalco/Bigoni/SolborgILK/5e 20:00
5th – Solborg/Banke/HeebøllLiteraturhaus 21:00
8th  – TUNGEMÅL feat. Santos Silva, Toldam & Greve – Koncertkirken 20:30
9th –  TUNGEMÅL feat. Santos Silva, Toldam & Bruun – ILK/5e 21:15
9th – Solborg Movies: TUNGEMÅL + Omdrejninger – ILK/5e 18:00-19:00
10th – Solborg/Banke/HeebøllILK/5e 17:00
11th – Kuhne/Bigoni/SolborgILK/5e 21:15

Spring 2021

ILK Sessions 2021 at KoncertKirken
Snekkestad/Kjærgaard, Kasper Tranberg Terzet, Ericsson+Heney, Maria Dybroe og KØS
Spirit of The Hive

ILK + The Lake 
2 nights at H15

Vinterjazz 2021


Working and recording with Aarhus Jazz Orcehstra and Teitur in Aarhus.
A small tour was rebuild into a recording (and possibly streaming) session in Aarhus Domkirke.

4th – Solborg/Banke/Heebøll · 19:00
Mellerup Efterskole

5th – Solborg/Banke/Heebøll· 17:00
Tøjhuset, Fredericia 

13th – Mark Solborg – TUNGEMÅL · 9pm
Feat. Simon Toldam & Lars Greve.
Postponed to CPH Jazzfest/July

23rd – Santos Silva/Greve/Solborg · 8pm
Klub Primi, Cph.

ILK Vinterjazz
5 days of concerts with danish key artists and guests. Full program TBA.
24th – Santos Silva/Solborg/Toldam · 9:30pm
26th – Solborg/Banke/Heebøll · 8:15pm
28th – Maniscalco/Bigoni/Solborg · 7pm

Fall 2020


3rd – Solborg/Banke/Heebøll + T.S. Høeg · Paradise Jazz, Huset KBH · 8pm
>>> Huset i Magstræde 50th Birthday !! Three days of celebration.

6th – Solborg/Banke/Heebøll · SV festival · Venue TBA · 2pm


24th – Solborg/Skjødt – Omdrejninger feat. Dörner & Zach (DE/DK/NO) at Nordische Botschaften Berlin
25th – Solborg/Skjødt – Omdrejninger feat. Dörner & Zach (DE/DK/NO) at Trapholt, Kolding

The concerts are supported by Goethe Institute Dänemark and is part of the German-Danish Cultural Friendship Year 2020.

29th – Solborg/Banke/Heebøll Ringsted Musikskole/Kulturhus


15th – Almut Kuhne/Bigoni/Solborg (DE/ITA/DK) interprets Willumsen and Kirchner at Willumsens Museum, Fredrikssund

17th – Almut Kuhne/Bigoni/Solborg (DE/ITA/DK) at Klub Primi

The concerts are supported by Goethe Institute Dänemark and is part of the German-Danish Cultural Friendship Year 2020.
NB! Simon Toldam replaces Emanuele Maniscalco due to Italian Covid-19 restrictions

20th – Releaseday: TUNGEMÅL I + II out on ILK.

Summer 2020


8th – Solborg/Skjødt – Omdrejninger feat. Dörner & Zach (DE/DK/NO) · KoncertKirken, 9:30pm
The concert is part of a whole evening of Danish/German collaborations celebrating Danmark/Deutschland 2020:


kl. 17:00 (outdoors)
Autolysis (DE/DK)
Jonas Engel – sax
Niklas Fite – guitar
Asger Thomsen – double bass
Simon Forchhammer – drums
Kl. 20:00
Fosterchild (DE/DK)
Kasper Tranberg – trumpet
Sebastian Gille – sax
Jacob Anderskov – piano
David Helm – bass
Fabian Arends – drums
kl. 21:30
Omdrejninger (DE/DK/NO)
Axel Dörner – trumpet & electronics
Ingar Zach – gran cassa & percussion
Christian Skjødt – processing, shortwave-radio, RC Oscillator
Mark Solborg – guitar & devices
kl. 23:00
Anker/Wassermann/Mayas (DE/DK)
Lotte Anker – reeds
Ute Wasserman – voice &amp (DE); objects
Magda Mayas – piano (DE)
Food and drinks from 16:00 – 20:00
The concert is supported by Goethe Institute Dänemark and is part of the German-Danish Cultural Friendship Year 2020.
From July 8th-11th The ILK sessions are back at 5e. Despite the challenges we have put together a beautiful 4 day program.
9th – Solborg/Dörner/Bigoni/Toldam (DE/DK/ITA) · ILK sessions at 5e  · 20:30 pm

Winter/Spring 2020

SV festival has been rescheduled. The Trio will perform September 6th · 2pm (Venue TBA)
4th – Solborg/Banke/Heebøll · SV festival @ Café Riccos, Sluseholmen · 5pm

All may concerts have been rescheduled. TBA
12th – Susana Santos Silva/Lars Greve/Mark Solborg · Klub Primi
18th – Solborg at MandagsKlubben (TBA)

The whole Huset KBH  jubilee has been rescheduled to September. Same place. The trio will perform September 3rd at 8pm.
2nd – Solborg/Banke/Heebøll + T.S. Høeg · Paradise Jazz,Huset KBH · 8pm
>>> Huset i Magstræde 50th Birthday !! Three days of celebration.

CANCELLED due to Corona precautions in DK and Germany. We hope to reschedule in a near future.
20th – Solborg/Skjødt – Omdrejninger feat. Dörner & Zach (DE/DK/NO) · Nordische Botschaften, Berlin 8pm
23rd – Solborg/Skjødt – Omdrejninger feat. Dörner & Zach (DE/DK/NO) · Trapholt · 2pm
The project is part of the German-Danish Cultural Friendship Year 2020 and kindly supported by Goethe Institut Dänemark, Statens Kunstfond, Jazz Danmark, Dansk Kapelmesterforening, Wilhelm Hansen Fonden and William Demant Fonden.

February – Vinterjazz DK
8th – Maniscalco/Bigoni/Solborg · KoncertKirken · 8pm 
20th – Dörner/Solborg/Toldam · ILK @ H15-studio · 10pm
Part of the German-Danish Cultural Friendship Year 2020 and kindly supported by Goethe Institut Dänemark.
23rd – Screening of Solborg/Skjødt – Omdrejninger “Visual Renditions” by Laurits Flensted Jensen (movies) · ILK @ H15-studio · 3pm
23rd – Solborg/Banke/Heebøll· ILK @ H15-studio · 3:45pm

Fall 2019

19th – Maniscalco/Bigoni/Solborg and friends · Valentin Stuberl, NeuKölln, Berlin. 8pm
20th – Maniscalco/Bigoni/Solborg · Panda Theatre, Prenzlauerberg, Berlin. 8pm

We, Robots
w. Signe Bisgaard and Aarhus Jazz Orchestra
30th – Ajo – We, Robots · Musikhuset, Aarhus. 5pm
30th – Ajo – We, Robots · Musikhuset, Aarhus. 7:30pm

Production, recording and composing:
Acoustic Ladyland

24th – Solborg/Banke/Heebøll· KoncertKirken 10th Anniversary. 8pm

12th – Maniscalco/Bigoni/Solborg · Klub Primi. 21:30
21st – Slår Skår release: Solo set at Møllegades Boghandel from 5pm

Spring/Summer  2019

Copenhagen Jazzfestival 2019

5th – Solborg/Banke/Heebøll– ILK/5e – 20:00
6th – Rosor Och TulpanKoncertKirken – 19:00

Paul Lovens – Copenhagen 2019

8th – Anker/Toldam/Solborg/Lovens (DK/DE) – ILK/5e – 23:00
9th – Santos Silva/Greve/Solborg/Lovens (PT/DK/DE) – ILK/5e – 20:00
10th – Santos Silva/Greve/Solborg/Lovens (PT/DK/DE) – KoncertKirken – 22:00

In collaboration with Goethe Institut DänemarkILK and KoncertKirken. Supported by DMF and Statens Kunstfond.

11th – Maniscalco/Bigoni/Solborg (DK/ITA) – ILK/5e – 21:30
13th – Maniscalco/Bigoni/Solborg (DK/ITA) – Mellemrummet  – 18:00
13th – Faust/Solborg/Tomo/TBA (EST/DK/PL) – ILK/5e – 23:00


5th – SOLBORG x 2 at Jazz Selskabet Aarhus– 17:00
Double Bill featuring
Maniscalco / Bigoni / Solborg(DK/ITA)
Solborg / Banke / Heebøll

20th – Solborg +Mandagsklubben – 20:00


1st – Faust / Solborg / Tomo – Mandagsklubben – 20:00

– Production/recording: New works.

– Production: Commissioned compositional work for “Samsaga”. Site specific podcasts by Rikke Houd a.o.


– Production/recording: New works.

– Production: Commissioned compositional work for “Samsaga”. Site specific podcasts by Rikke Houd a.o.

Mark Solborg Trio feat. Evan Parker & Peter Bruun (DK/UK) – Denmark 2019
12th – Mark Solborg Trio feat Evan Parker & Peter Bruun (DK/UK)   – ILK sessions at Jazzhus Montmartre – 20:00
13th –Mark Solborg Trio feat Evan Parker & Peter Bruun (DK/UK)  – Trapholt Kunstmuseum – 19:00
14th –Mark Solborg Trio feat Evan Parker & Peter Bruun (DK/UK)  – Recording

In collaboration with Trapholt Kunstmuseum, Kolding Kulturpulje, Jazz i Trekanten, Jazz6000ILK og Jazzhus Montmartre.

16th – Joining Claus Bøje and Peter Friis Nielsen for an afternoon session at cozy Ræven og Pindsvinet 

28th – Mark Solborg / Tomo Jacobson duoLutter Øre – 20:00

FEBRUARYVinterjazz 2019
2nd – Solborg / Banke / HeebøllTeater Momentum – 20:30
Double Bill with KALAHA

Thomas Lehn visits DK
12th – Solborg / Lehn / Bigoni (DK/DE/ITA) – ILK sessions at Jazzhus Montmartre – 20:00
13th – Solborg / Lehn (DK/DE) – interacting with exhibition by Andreas EmeniusNikolaj Kunsthal – 16:00

In collaboration with Goethe Institut Dänemark.

21st – PULS Concert #2: Santos Silva / Greve / Solborg / Zach (PT/SE/DK/NO) – ILK Sessions at H15 – 21:30
ILK Sessions, February 20th-23rd at H15 and the PULS Concert Series are supported by the NKF PULS pool

22nd – Solborg / Banke / Heebøll– ILK Sessions at H15 – 20:00

23rd – Mark Solborg – Black Pipes and Prayers feat. Susana Santos SilvaKoncertKirken – 21:45

26th – PULS Concert #2: Santos Silva / Greve / Solborg / Zach (PT/SE/DK/NO) – Kafe Hærværk, Blowout, Oslo 21:00
The PULS Concert Series are supported by the NKF PULS pool

28th – Solborg / Banke / HeebøllParadise Jazz – 21:00

20th – Solborg / Banke Duo – Sønderborg Jazzclub – 15:00



Maniscalco / Bigoni / Solborg (DK/ITA)
13th – Jazz d’Or, Strassbourg


Appearances at Mandagsklubben/5e
15th – W. Niels Præstholm and Christian Windfeldt
22nd – Duo with Johannes Nästesjö


12th – Maniscalco/Bigoni/Solborg (DK/ITA)
Plays DJBFA honorary award show.


18th – SuperDeluxe, Tokyo
19th – Candy , Chiba
20th – Airegin,Yokohama
21st – Tokuzo, Nagoya
22nd – Parker House Roll , Kyoto w/Fuchigami to Funato
23rd – Studio T-Bone, Osaka
24th – PIT INN, Tokyo

Axel Dörner – trumpet
Mark Solborg– guitar
Simon Toldam – piano
Yasuhiro Yoshigaki – drums

The project is supported by the Danish Embassy Japan, The German Embassy Japan, JazzDanmark, The Danish Arts Foundation, Augustinusfonden, Danish Conductors Association a.o.


Copenhagen Jazzfestival

7th – 6 pm 
Solborg Solo
8th – 10pm
Gaarden og Gaden
9th – 9:30pm
Solborg/Banke/Heebøll– ILK/5e
10th – 11pm
Maniscalco/Bigoni/Solborg (DK/ITA) · Releaseconcert with very special guest: Maria Faust (Est) – ILK/5e
12th – 4pm
Rosor Och TulpanPeryton Vinbar
12th – midnight
Mark Solborg – Black Pipes and Prayers – ILK/5e
14th – 6pm
Mark Solborg Trio feat Dan Peter Sundland & Francesco Bigoni (DK/NO/ITA) – Mellemrummet


7th – 22:00 pm  Resceduled to October 22nd.
Solborg/Nästesjö – Mandagsklubben/5e.

29th – Releaseday:
New album out on


7th – 21:00 pm
Solborg Solo – Mandagsklubben/5e.

Rosor och Tulpan – release tour
w. Qarin Wikström, Simon Toldam, Anders Banke, Henriette Groth, Stephan Sieben, MS.

13th – Hvedevej, Brønshøj – 3pm
14th – Pistoia, Appenæs – 8pm
16th  – Gården og Gaden, Copenhagen –  9pm
18th – Nordfalster Kulturhus, Nr. Alslev – 8pm


Santos Silva/Solborg/Lovens (PT/DK/DE)
This upcoming April the legendary German drummer Paul Lovens visits Denmark on invitation from MS. Together with the young Portuguese trumpeter Susana Santos Silva the group plays three concerts in Copenhagen and Aarhus arranged in collaboration with Goethe Institut DänemarkCinemateketG((o))ng TomorrowKoncertKirken and Sunship. As a special treat one of them is performed to Carl Th. Dreyer’s “VAMPYR” in Cinemateket. The project is nothing less than a worldpremiere of a unique new constellation of musicians across borders and generations. The project is supported by Danish Conductors AssociationThe Danish Arts Foundation  and JazzDanmark.

4. April – KoncertKirken, Blågards Plads, Cph. – concertstart 8pm (doors 7pm)
Double bill w. Kjærgaard/Córdoba

5. April – Bio Asta, Cinemateket, Gothersgade 55, Cph. – 7pm + EXTRA show at 9:30pm
Silent movie concert to Carl Th. Dreyers VAMPYR

6. April – Sunship, Salonen, Grønnegade 61B, Århus C – 9pm

Vinterjazz February 2018

5th – 8pm
Solborg/Brinck – Mandagsklubben/5e.
 Investigations in 2x guitar.
6th – 7:30pm
Solborg/Banke/Heebøll – Den Rytmiske Højskole, Vig
8th – 8:30pm
Maniscalco/Bigoni/Solborg – ILK@KoncertKirken, Copenhagen
9th – 19:30 pm
Solborg Solo – ILK@KoncertKirken, Copenhagen
25th – 5pm
Maniscalco/Bigoni/Solborg – Teater Momentum, Odense
26th – 8pm
Maniscalco/Bigoni/Solborg – Paradise Jazz, Copenhagen

January 21st
2x live for silent movies at Cinemateket feat. drummer and multiinstrumentalist par excellence Peter Bruun joined by pianist Simon Toldam and MS. The trio will add new live music to The Japanese movie “Jikorichi The Rat”at 4:30pm and at 7pm “S1”a rare spy drama feat. the ever amazing Asta Nielsen. The latter is introduced by ex central intelligence leader Hans-Jørgen Bonnichsen (!).

Atumn/Vinter 2017

September 2nd
Solo performance at Freedom Music Festival in KoncertKirken
Tripple bill with Maria Laurette Friis and Maria Faust.
FMF is an beautiful weeklong festival curated by Tomo Jacobson presenting improvised solos and duo’s. See the entire program here

Finalizing new releases with Maniscalco/Bigoni/Solborg a.o.

October 15th – Solborg/Bankeat Kulturhuset Birkelundgaard 

November 11th – MS and reedman Lars Greve plays to Asta Nielsen, Totentanz at Cinemateket.
Including lecture. From 13pm

November Maniscalco/Bigoni/Solborgplays Italy:
12th – Officina Da Camera, Brescia
13th – Torrione, Ferrara

December 1st
Maniscalco/Bigoni/Solborgat Fredagskirken

December 6th+7th with Thomas Lehn (DE) : Modular Synth par excellence. 

New Music for silent movies and trio with Lotte Anker in collaboration with CinemateketKoncertKirken and Goethe Institut Dänemark.

6th – Lehn/Solborg plays live soundtrack to beautiful russian silent movie “Earth” (Alexander Dovzhenko, 1930) at Cinemateket 7pm
7th – Lehn/Anker/Solborg plays KoncertKirken – 8pm


July 2017
7th – ON DOG (DK/ITA/LU), Südtirol Jazzfestival, Italy.

Copenhagen Jazzfestival
9th – ON DOG (DK/ITA/LU). Koncertkirken – 9:30pm
10th – OMDREJNINGER (DK/D/N). Releaseconcert feat. Axel Dörner and Ingar zach. Skuespilhusets Foyerscene at CPH Jazz  – 3pm
In collaboration with G((o))ng Tomorrow and Goethe Institut Dänemark.
11th – Solborg/Toldam/Dörner/Yoshigaki (DK/D/JP). ILK/5e – 11pm
12th – Maniscalco/Bigoni/Solborg (DK/ITA)Armadillo – 8pm
13th – Maniscalco/Bigoni/Solborg (DK/ITA). ILK/5e – 8pm
14th – Japan night with ILK at 5e !!  From 8pm till we drop….
15th – Solborg/BankeILK/5e – 6pm
15th – Mark Solborg & Simon ToldamArmadillo – 10pm
16th – ILKtronicaILK/5e – 6pm

Solborg @ CPH Jazz

Aarhus Jazzfestival
19th – With Signe Bisgaard‘s Never Ending Shanghai, Ridehuset – 11pm

May 2017
5th – Maniscalco/Bigoni/Solborg at “Spring ON!” Festival,Casa Da Musica, Porto, Portugal – 10pm
26th – OMDREJNINGER releasedate !
28th – Solborg/Banke + Marilyn Mazur Live to Asta Nielsen “Ivigtut”, Cinemateket, Copenhagen – 8 pm
31st – Malmö möter Köpenhamn w. Nästesjö, Kirchhoff & Östersjö. Poeten på hörnet, Malmö – 6pm

April 2017
1st – Mark Solborg & Lars Andreas Haug duo at La Grande Notte de Jazz, Teatro Grande Brescia, Italy.
Also performing: Pietro Tonolo Trio, Paolo Botti, Maria Faust, Kaja Draklser, RJ Miller, Fabrizio Puglisi a.o.
4th – Mark Solborg & Simon Toldam – live to Asta Nielsen, Musikteatret Albertslund , Copenhagen – 8pm
5th – Solborg/Banke, Testrup Højskole – 7:30pm
7th – Maniscalco/Bigoni/Solborg, Amagerbro Jazzklub, Kvarterhuset – 8pm
20th – Maniscalco/Bigoni/SolborgTeatro Grande, Brescia, Italy – 8:30pm
30th – Solborg/Banke, Kulturhuset Birkelundgård, Albertslund    Rescheduled: October 15th.

March 2017
7th – Solborg/Banke/Heebøll, Paradise Jazz, Copenhagen – 8pm
12th – Solo live to silent movie En Fare for Samfundet w. Valdemar Psilander. Double bill with the great Fuzzy – Cinemateket from 2pm
24th – 5x guitar w. Jørgen Teller. Skræp – Koncertkirken
27th – Artist talk at Albertslund Bibliotek – 4:30pm
31st – Solborg/Greve duo – Fredagsjazz i Eliaskirken – 8pm

February 2017
ILK sessions at 5e – Vinterjazz 2017
17th – Maniscalco/Bigoni/Solborg + Susana Santos Silva (DK/ITA/PT) – 9pm

Mark Solborg & Simon Toldam – Danmark/Japan 2017
4th – KoncertKirken, Copenhagen, Vinterjazz 2017 – 8pm
8th – Tokyo Northern Lights Festival (Shibuya Shidax Culture Hall), Tokyo – 7pm  · NB! Live to Asta Nielsen Silent Movie. The Abyss.
9th – Official event, Denmark in Japan 150 years, SuperDeluxe – Noon-4pm
11th – Apollo , Tokyo (下北沢APOLLO ) w. Yasuhiro Yosigaki – 7pm
12th – Sweet rain, Tokyo  ( スウィート レイン ジャズ ) – 7pm

Denmark in Japan 150 years


January 2017
19th – w. Jesper Zeuthen. Armadillo – 8pm

December 2016
10th – w. Signe Bisgaard and Never Ending Shanghai at Absalon

November 2016

7th – w. Signe Bisgaard and Never Ending Shanghai at DMA Jazz, Bremen, Copenhagen – 7:30pm
16th – Premiere: Whiteout – a radiophonic theatrical installation at Husets Teater. Music by MS – 7pm/9pm

Mark Solborg – Artist in residence at Mandagsklubben November 2016

14th – Silva/Anker/Solborg – 9pm 
Susanna Santos Silva (PT) – Trumpet
Lotte Anker – Reeds
MS – Guitar 

21st – Mark Solborg: Black Pipes & Prayers  – 9pm
Lars Greve – Clarinets
Francesco Bigoni – Clarinet
Anders Banke – Clarinets
MS – Guitar
Peter Bruun – Drums

28th – Mark Solborg trio feat. Dan Peter Sundland – 9pm
MS – Guitars
Dan Peter Sundland – Electric Bass
Bjørn Heebøll – Drums

Letterwriting solo concerts in the old reading hall at The Royal Library – Black Diamond
23rd – MS Solo – 8:30pm
24th – MS Solo – 8:30pm

October 14th – 6-10pm
Kulturnat 2016 (“Culture-night”):  SYV Intimkoncerter: Kulturnat: Baghold med Jørgen Teller, P.o. Jørgens, Henrik Olsson, Christian Skjødt og Mark Solborg.

October 9th – 7pm
Live soundtrack to Asta Nielsen’s “Liebes-ABC” at Cinemateket with Christian Skjødt and Lars Greve.

The Topography of the Lungs
Evan Parker plays Koncertkirken – September 22nd-24th 2016.

KoncertKirken, Copenhagen, SNYK and The Rhythmic Music Conservatory proudly presents three days with the legendary saxophone-player Evan Parker. Concerts are curated by Mark Solborg. 4 concerts and an artist talk moderated by Solborg and Torben Snekkestad.

22.9. Rhythmic Music Conservatory (Lok. A118 – free admission).
– 16:00-17:30 Artist Talk
Moderators: Solborg/Snekkestad

23.9. Koncertkirken
– 20:00 Parker Solo
– 21:30 Mark Solborg Trio feat. Parker

24.9. Koncertkirken
– 20.00 Saxophone summit: Anker/Snekkestad/Parker
– 21.30 Schlippenbach/Parker/Lovens

Blågårds Plads 6A
2200 København N

All concerts take place in KoncertKirken

More info here

September 21st
Letter-writing-concert (solo) at The Royal Danish Library.

Playing in London and Berlin Maniscalco/Bigoni/Solborg September 18th + 19th.
18th at Nordischer Botschaft, Berlin
19th – Pizza Express, London. Evan Parker will join us for a set. Buy your ticket here

September 11th + TBA

Movie-premiere at Cinemateket of  “En Rød Løber for Asta Nielsen” by Eva Tind. Score by MS.
+ additional live soundtrack to selected Nielsen films: Huset ved Havet at 17:00 + Die Filmprimadonna and premiere at 19:15.

August 19th – 20:00
Solborg/Banke at Kayakbar

CPH Jazz Juli 1st-10th 2016

2.7. at 16:00 – Rosor och Tulpan plays Evert Taube – 5e
2.7. at 20:00 – Mark Solborg & Simon Toldam – Koncertkirken
3.7. at 17:00 – Maniscalco/Bigoni/Solborg (DK/ITA) opens Skuespilhusets Foyerscene at CPH Jazz 
6.7. at 20:00  – Solborg/Banke/Heebøll/Haug (DK/N) – 5e
7.7 at  23:00 – Mark Solborg: Black Pipes and Prayers w. Chris Heenan (DK/ITA/US) – 5e 
8.7. at 18:00 – Mark Solborg Trio feat. Dan Peter Sundland (DK/N) – Mellemrummet 
8.7. at 22:00 – Maniscalco/Bigoni/Solborg (DK/ITA) – Koncertkirken
9.7. at 16:00 – w. Henrik Walsdorff and ILK – 5e
10.7. at 17:30 – Solborg/Banke5e

28th – Solborg/Banke at NattJazz Festival, Bergen. Studio USF – 20:00

26th – Book release by writer Eva Tind at Cinemateket. Live Soundtrack for Asta Nielsen Movie “The Abyss”.
Readings by Bodil Jørgensen and Rasmus Botoft.

22nd-23rd – at Jazzahead, Bremen with ILK

– Film scoring for “Hun Lyser” by Eva Tind


11th – Shanghai, The Never Ending Big Band Experience at Musikhuset, Aarhus – 19:30
12th – Shanghai, The Never Ending Big Band Experience at Musikhuset, Aarhus – 15:00
with Signe Bisgaard and Blood Sweat Drum + Bass

17th – Maniscalco/Bigoni/Solborg at The Italian Cultural Institute, Copenhagen – 19:30

29th – Solborg/Banke + Heebøll  at Paradise Jazz, Copenhagen – 21:00

– Film scoring for “Hun Lyser” by Eva Tind


Vinterjazz in DK with On Dog, ILK, Solborg/Banke feat. Lars Andreas Haug, Michael Rexen, Simon Toldam a.o. Yip !

5th – Solborg/Banke/Heebøll at PH Cafeen – 22:00
6th – Solborg/Banke  at 5e/ILK – 21:00
13th – Michael Rexen, Simon Toldam, Mark Solborg at Koncertkirken – from 20:00
18th – ON DOG (ITA/DK/LU), Church Version at Koncertkirken – from 20:00 (NB! Live recording)
19th – ON DOG (ITA/DK/LU), Garage Version at 5e/ILK – from 20:00
20th+21st – ON DOG (ITA/DK/LU): Recording Session.
26th – Bigoni/Solborg+TBA at PH Cafeen – 22:00
27th – Solborg/Banke feat. Lars Andreas Haug (DK/N) + additional appearances at Forbrændingen – 20:00
NB !! ILK-Extravaganza. Join us for a spectacular all day-program February 27th at Forbrændingen. Concerts start at 15:00.

– Scoring for Asta Nielsen film by Eva Tind.
– Compositional work on selected projects.

November 23rd
Appearance at Mandagsklubben with Mads Emil Nielsen a.o.

November/december investigations:
– Preparing  various recordings for release.
– Compositional work on selected projects.

October 23rd – Valby Kino
Live soundtrack to Asta Nielsen movie.
Part of the release of outdoor poem/sculpture by Eva Tind

October 8th – Koncertkirken, Copenhagen – 8pm

Mark Solborg + Simon Toldam – Investigations of strings, keys and organ-pipes.
MURAL (Denley/Myhr/Zach)

Mark Solborg Trio feat. Herb Robertson (DK/N/US) – Denmark & Austria September 2015
September 22nd – Student Workshop,etc. – RMC
September 23rd – MGK Sjælland, Concert + Workshop
September 24th – Jazzhouse, Copenhagen, DK – 8pm
September 25th – Phonognom – Salonen, Aarhus, DK – 8pm
September 26th – Limmitationes, Heiligenkreuz im Lafnitztal, AUT – 8pm
September 27th – Limmitationes, Heiligenkreuz im Lafnitztal, AUT – noon

Copenhagen Jazzfest 2015

July 3rd – Michael Rexen/Mark Solborg duo – ILK/5e 9:30pm
July 5th – Maniscalco/Bigoni/Solborg – Koncertkirken 8pm  – we’ll have a toast afterwards for the new album.
July 6th – Christian Lillinger, Special edition – ILK/5e 4:30pm
July 6th – Mark Solborg / Anders Banke – PH-cafeen 10pm
July 7th – Solborg/Skjødt – Omdrejninger feat. Dörner & Zach – Koncertkirken 10pm
– Join us for another unique adventure in surround. In Collaboration with Wundergrund
July 8th – Signe Bisgaard Group – Huset-KBH, 1st floor 9pm
July 8th – Solborg/Dörner/Heebøll – ILK/5e 11pm
July 9th – Solborg/Banke/Heebøll+Lars Andreas Haug – Mellemrummet 5pm
July 10th – Maniscalco/Bigoni/Solborg – ILK/5e 9pm
July 12th – Rosor Och Tulpan – ILK/5e 4:30pm
July 12th – Banke/Haug/Solborg – ILK/5e 6pm

Århus Jazzfestival

July 13th – Signe Bisgaard Group – Finland Records Studio 6pm

June 2nd + 3rd: Rosor och Tulpan – double date at Ledøje Smørum musiske forening
Sold out !

May 11th:
Maniscalco/Bigoni/Solborg – debut-album release.

April 27th – Midnight:
Mark Solborg/Peter Knight duo (DK/AU) at Mandagsklubben.

April 24th – 26th
Visiting Jazzahead Bremen with ILK

March 16th – April 10th:
Visiting Buenos Aires

February 28th – 7pm – NOMA

February 16th-28th 2015
ON DOG plays Italy:
16th – Prato Jazzfestival
23rd – Ferrara Jazz Club, Torione
24th – Venezia – House concert.
25th – Nuovo Teatro delle Commedie, Livorno
26th –  AgusCollective Jazz at Il Cantiere, Rome
27th –  Teatro di Monticelli Brusati and New Vision

February 14th – 10pm – ILK/5e

February 13th – 9pm – Amagerbro Jazzklub

February 5th-8th 2015
Solborg/Banke/Heebøll + Lars Andreas Haug plays Vinterjazz DK.

6th – 8pm – Buddha’s Jazzklub
7th – 8pm – Koncertkirken (Double bill with Simon Toldam Solo)
8th –  2pm – ILK/5e (Mutiple bill with Qarin Wikström, Emanuele Maniscalcoi, ILK keys, a.o.)

December 18th-21st
Visiting Berlin with On Dog – Workshop, concerts, etc..
18th – Concert at Noyman Miller
19 th – Concert at Mathilda 

November 1st – 20pm
Wundergrund 2014have comissioned a new piece by me and Christian Skjødt. We call it  Omdrejninger.
The handpicked ensemble features: Axel Dörner, Jakob Kullberg, Bjørn Heebøll, Michael Rexen, Skjødt and me.
Koncertkirken. Double bill with Frisk Frugt – Big Band.
What a treat (!)

November 12th at 17pm
This Is Not The End Of The World
Cph Dox is premiering a new art-film by Eva Tind. Original Soundtrack by MS.

Producing the upcoming Maniscalco/Bigoni/Solborg debut album.

October 23rd – 10pm
Theater Sort-Hvid – Den nye lyd: Maniscalco/Bigoni/Solborg.
A double bill with Anders Filipsen and Lotte Anker.

September 28th:
Lecture on Improvisation at Rytmisk Center, Kbh.
A seminar for music-teachers.

August 30th – 3pm
Words & music: Concert with writer and poet Eva Tindat Valby Bibliotek during Valby Kulturdage 2014.
Debut-appearance for the constellation.

July 2014
Mark Solborg Trio feat. Herb Robertson plays Kongsberg JazzfestivalCopenhagen Jazzfestival, a.o.
Solborg/Banke: SONG  – New album out

4th – Mark Solborg Trio feat. Herb Robertson (DK/N/US), Kongsberg Jazzfestival, Smeltehytta – 3:30pm
5th – Mark Solborg Trio feat. Herb Robertson (DK/N/US), Copenhagen Jazzfestival, Skuespilhuset – 5pm
5th – Mark Solborg Trio feat. Herb Robertson (DK/N/US), Copenhagen Jazzfestival, ILK@5e – 9:30pm NB! DR-K TV live-recording !
6th – Mark Solborg Trio feat. Herb Robertson (DK/N/US) recording at the Old Radiohouse Studie 3
8th – Mark Solborg/Herb Robertson Duo (DK/US), Copenhagen Jazzfestival, Koncertkirken – 8:30pm
10th – Mark Solborg/Anders Banke + Bjørn Heebøll, Copenhagen Jazzfestival, Sort/Hvid (Skindergade 3) – 9pm ..NEW CD OUT !!
11th – Solborg/Banke, Copenhagen Jazzfestival, Tango Y Vinos – 4pm
12th – Halle/Solborg/Skjødt (N/DK), Copenhagen Jazzfestival, Mellemrummet – 5pm
12th – Solborg/Banke/Heebøll, Copenhagen Jazzfestival, ILK@5e – midnight
13th – Solborg/Banke, Copenhagen Jazzfestival, Tango Y Vinos – 4pm
13th – Halle/Solborg/Skjødt (N/DK), Copenhagen Jazzfestival, Mellemrummet – 6pm
13th – Maniscalco/Bigoni/Solborg, Copenhagen Jazzfestival, ILK@5e – 9:30pm

June 23rd – New Release 
Solborg/Banke – “SONG” (ILK225CD)

Past events

June 12th – 8pm
Solborg/Banke/Heebøll – S/H

May 31st – 8pm
Maniscalco/Bigoni/Solborg– Nørrebros Jazzklub

ON DOG (Continued)

May 21st – 9pm
Correggio Jazzfestival, Teatro Asioli

April 15th – Peter Wessel Polyfonias Poetry Project: DELTA, Casa del lector “Matadero””, Madrid – 7:30pm
The release of new and exciting multilingual poetry accompanied by 17 original tracks by Solborg and Spanish clarinettist Salvador Vidal.

April 11th – Solborg/Banke, 5e – 3:30pm

Appeareance at the release of Chr. Munch Hansens new ILK inspired poetry: Musical Dream Machine.

April 9th – 10th
Recording  Maniscalco/Bigoni/Solborg

ON DOG (Continued)

April 30th
Sunship at Studenterhuset, Aarhus

May 1st
Jazzhouse, Copenhagen

Visit to Jazzahead 2014, Bremen

April/May 2014
On Dogplays Italy & Denmark

April 3rd
Pisa, Teatro Sant’Andrea

April 4th
Rome, Casa del Jazz

April 5th

February/March 2014
Scoring for “Fremtiden” a new play by Flyvende Grise

February 2014
Vinterjazz w. Solborg/Banke and Maniscalco/Bigoni/Solborg

February 8th – 10pm
 + Heebøll
  – ILK/5e

February 13th – 9.30pm
Maniscalco/Bigoni/Solborg– Koncertkirken

February 15th – 7pm
  – Tango y Vinos.

February 22nd – 8pm
Maniscalco/Bigoni/Solborg – ILK/5e

January 29th – February 2nd
Solborg/Banke visits the Faroe Islands with Bjørn Heebøll

January  29th – 7:30pm
Tvøroyri Kirkja

January 30th –
Mentanarhúsið í Fuglafirði

January 31st – 9pm

February 1st – 3pm
Norðurlandahúsið (Nordens Hus)

January 24th – 8pm
Solborg/Banke – Vor Frue Natkirke

November 23rd – 4pm
Mark Solborg Trio feat. Evan Parker
Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival