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Latest Releases (2012-14)

Mark Solborg/Anders Banke: SONG ” …strong stuff ! The ballads are played with a serenity that stops time. ..What makes this album radiant is the impressive interplay .. This record deserves to be heard! “ – Jazznyt, Denmark

On Dog: Part I & II “..the clarinet of Bigoni floats through a fragile veil of sound and destills a truly adventurous epos of profoundly moving beauty. The music grows with every replay and confirms the quintet ON DOG as a new refreshing band with an original sound, based on mesmerizing, polyfonic contemporary melody – dancing in complex rhythms. Bravo !” –  Jazznytt, Norway

Brilliant recording, genuine and perky musicianship, shrewd compositions, band interplay and interesting arrangements. Unconditional recommendation!” -

“Une collaboration exemplaire et “Made in Europe” ..ces deux disques sont une sorte de modèle de ce que l’on aimerait voir plus souvent advenir sur notre Vieux Continent!” – Thierry Quénum, Jazzman (FR) [CHOC-sticker on both records]

Mark Solborg Trio feat. Herb Robertson & Evan Parker: The Trees “…A high point in Danish Improjazz. The Trees is some of the best Solborg has produced. Music that has it’s own spirit and becomes a living organism, filled with wonder and joy. My soul, could you wish for more ?” –

Solborg 4+4+1 feat. Chris Speed Solborgs 4+4+1 nonet moves like a proud ship with all sails up into the wind, carrying a dear treasure delivered with great trust and loving care. It is set ashore on the pier of this years most exquisite Danish jazz. Jazzspecial, DK